Us and them

In recent elections here and around the world, the results have been influenced by the state of the economy and even more by the number and origin of recent immigrants. Here in the US, immigrants, legal and illegal, from the South and from the Middle East are not welcome. In Europe, it is immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East who are not welcomed. According to Fareed Zakaria, Canada is one nation that knows how to assimilate its immigrants. We should look north of the border to learn how to do a better job here in the US.

Going to the dogs

The Trump administration will be a three dog nightmare or worse. With James “Mad Dog” Mathis as Secretary of Defense, John “Bad Dog” Bolton as number two in the State Department, and Michael “Sad Dog” Flynn as National Security Adviser, the Trump administration will be stacked with anti-Iran advisers. I predict another shooting war in the Middle East early in the Trump administration with catastrophic results: higher oil prices, a gasoline shortage, and a worldwide recession. It’s a war we can’t win.

Donald Trump day

January 20, 2037
National/international day of mourning
Donald Trump day
The trees are gone
Only stumps remain
The oceans are dead
Covered with coal ash and plastic
Clean water is expensive
Food is scarce and rationed
Radioactive fallout coats the land
Fracking chemicals are everywhere
Oxygen to breath is vanishing
Humanity is dying
The meek and radiation resistant
Will inherit the earth.

Israel’s enemies

Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor, considers Iran an enemy of the US because Israel can’t get along with it. We should let Israel deal with her own enemies and not do it for her. If Israel is forced to live with her enemies, perhaps she will finally get serious about peace in the area.

Please see Michael Flynn