May or May not

The results of yesterday’s British election leave Theresa May as Prime Minister for the time being. Without a clear majority in Parliament, she will form a coalition government with a conservative party from Northern Ireland. How long that will last is anyone’s guess. My personal preference would be a government headed by Jeremy Corbyn. I hope that a change in Britain leads to less support for Donald Trump both here and there.

British election

Our media are focused on the coming of James Comey on Thursday June 8, 2017. Happening the same day is likely to be a more important event across the pond, a general election in Great Britain. The British will have an opportunity to defeat the Conservatives and elect Jeremy Corbyn, their version of Bernie Sanders. If they do, they will demonstrate what we might have done if we had elected Bernie instead of nominating Hillary. Certainly Comey will have something interesting to say, but the Trumpites will deny it and the debate will continue.

Wag the dog part 2

Iraq had no connection to 9/11 and no WMDs. It did have a brutal dictator and lots of oil. Therefore we invaded the country and set off wars that engulfed the region and led to the formation of ISIS, just as the war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan led to the formation of al-Qaeda. When will we ever learn?

Now the pro-war wing of the GOP is touting the danger from North Korea, a poor nation with a large army that is a threat only to South Korea and perhaps China. China can defend itself and perhaps South Korea can too. The difference is that North and South Korea want to reunite. Let them work out their differences themselves.

Japan and the Koreans do not get along. If the development of North Korean missiles is felt to be a threat to Japan, let Japan deal with it through discussions or the purchase of anti-missile systems from the US. If US troops in South Korea and Japan are threatened in the future by North Korean missiles, withdraw US troops from the area.