Collateral damage part 2

Estimates of collateral damage from US air and drone strikes vary widely, but one of the lowest ones I have seen recently was 15. We kill 15 innocents for every terrorist that we kill. Think about that for a while. Every one of those 15 have friends and family who will mourn them. Say that totals 100 people who knew/loved the deceased. Out of those 100 mourners, two or more decide to seek revenge for the death of the loved one. That means we create two or more terrorists for every one we kill. Kill 1000 terrorists and create 2000 or more. That is no way to win the war on terror. We cannot kill away the problem of terror, which is a tactic that the weak use to confront the strong. We must seek other means to defeat terrorism. Makes sense to me.

“Rods from God”

“Rods from God” is a nickname for a type of kinetic weapon that lacks a warhead and kills or damages using kinetic energy instead. Small, less than two inches in length, metal slugs were used during WW2, Korea and Vietnam to kill enemy soldiers. They were dropped from airplanes and killed by striking vertically after developing a high rate of descent. “Rods from God” proposes putting satellites into orbit and arming them with tungsten rods that could be fired at targets on earth and destroying them without using conventional or nuclear warheads. The proposed rods would be 20-30 feet long and 1-2 feet in diameter.

I-Ran and Ear-Rock

I-Ran and Ear-Rock (Iran and Iraq) two countries in the Middle East have little in common aside from oil and religion. US Neocons in and around Washington, DC, confuse and conflate the two countries. In reality, they demonstrate diametrically opposed approaches to international relations. Both have been both friends and enemies with the US at different times in the past 40 years. We are in the process of settling our differences with Iran peacefully while Iraq still seethes with violence. In my opinion, peaceful relations lead to more peace while violence leads to more violence. We should learn from this example.

Saudi Arabia and Yemen

Saudi Arabia currently is destroying a neighboring country, Yemen, and they are doing so with US-made weapons. We must stop them by refusing to sell them more weapons. If Saudi Arabia threatens to retaliate by stopping the sales of their oil, we should be ready to fill the gap in oil supplies with other sources of energy. If we are not in position to do so now, then we must develop other sources of energy on a crash basis. The world will be a better, safer place if Saudi Arabia can no longer dominate the production and sale of petroleum. It was Saudi money that funded the creation of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the Easter bombing in Pakistan that killed many children. I believe that Saudi money is also supporting ISIS.