Shock and awe

Some on the right are saying that we will use shock and awe to overwhelm North Korea as we did at the beginning of the Iraq War. What they are overlooking is North Korea’s arsenal of artillery and rockets lined up north of the DMZ and pointed at US forces and others just south of the DMZ. Air power alone will not decide winners and losers if there is a Korean War 2.

One if by land, two if by sea

A modern-day Paul Revere would need to add, three if by air. North Korea has missiles and it has nuclear weapons; we don’t know if they work together yet. However, North Korea has other means of delivering bombs to their targets. A truck mounted bomb can reach any part of the Korean peninsula and air dropped bombs can reach much of the western Pacific. A weapon carried by small ship or fishing boat could reach all of the Pacific, including Guam, Japan, Hawaii and the US west coast. The Trump administration has already demonstrated that it can’t keep track of an US fleet, so why would they be able to track and sink small North Korean ships bent on suicide missions?