The Plot to Destroy Democracy

The Plot to Destroy Democracy, How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West by Malcolm Nance published in 2018. Donald Trump has been a Russian asset for many years and Putin has guided his thoughts and actions. This is what Russia wants from the Trump presidency:

“The Russian intelligence metanarrative they would be tasked to push would be simple–convince Trump to believe that he already believed that:

  1. NATO strangling Russia with military bases and aggressively encroaching on its borders.
  2. Russia was a new, rich, glorious empire with a strong fearless leader whose personal relationship could help Trump join the global elite oligarchy where borders mean nothing–only money matters.
  3. The European union, with its immigrant Muslim hordes, was finished–help start a new white ethno-nationalist conservative alliance worldwide with Moscow’s help.”

Trump must go



Dictators value loyalty above everything else. Trump asked James Comey for loyalty and Comey refused. Then Trump fired him. Vladimir Putin values loyalty above everything else. He will never extradite the 12 indicted Russian intelligence officers as long as they remain loyal to him. If they do not remain loyal and attempt to cooperate with the Mueller investigation, he will have them killed.

Trump must go

Invade Venezuela?

Recently, it has been reported that Donald Trump supported invading Venezuela to effect regime change. For decades, it has been US policy to support right-wing dictators and to oppose left-wing democracies, especially those with oil. Now that Mexico, an oil rich country, has a left-wing president, I predict that US-Mexico relations will deteriorate further. If hostilities ever developed, Mexico would win without firing a shot. All they need do is withhold their labor and starve the US into submission.

Trump must go

Blogging about Trump

I have been blogging for eleven years now and in August it will be 11.5 years. There have been dry spells when inspiration has been lacking, but Trump and his henchmen/women are gifts that keep on giving.

Larry Kudlow, Trump’s chief economic adviser, has a reputation for always being wrong. Whether that reputation is deserved or not, I do not know. Trump’s advisers come and go so rapidly that it is difficult to keep abreast. Nevertheless, it does not bode well for the US economy to have him whispering in Trump’s ear. The US economy is the primary concern of many Americans.

Although I am concerned about the economy, I am retired and my primary concern has shifted to war and peace. John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, was a principal architect of the Iraq War. I believe that he is looking for a small and weak country that the US could defeat in a war that we “win.” Bolton believes that North Korea, Iran or Venezuela could fill the bill and would also distract the country from Russiagate.

Trump must go