Republican teachers wanted

Mark Chelgren, a GOP member of the Iowa legislature, wants to promote party equality at Iowa institutions of higher learning. When applying for a teaching position, an applicant would be required to divulge his/her party affiliation before being hired. If the proposed law is enacted, universities would be required to hire equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats. My question is, Are there enough qualified Republicans to fill the vacancies? The more education one has, the greater the probability that one is a Democrat, IMHO.

Logic 101

Of all the college courses that I have taken, I think that an introduction to logic has been the most useful. I use the rules of logic daily without even remembering their names. I used logic extensively when I plowed through Jerome Corsi’s book, The Obama Nation, critical of the candidate in 2008. Logic is also a great help with any and all of Glen Beck’s writing.

Both the course and the location were memorable. I took that course on logic during summer evenings in Chicago in the early 1960s. The course was taught at Roosevelt University which occupied a former hotel on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Congress Street. The class was taught in a room on the seventh floor of a ten-story building. The windows were open to admit a soft, summer breeze. We students were seated around a single, long table on a north-south axis. I sat facing east so that I had a view over Grant Park toward Lake Michigan. Thus I could watch dusk descend as the sun sank behind my back.

However, logic is no help in sorting out the truth from falsehoods when candidates, like Donald Trump, and pundits lie 24/7.

According to Bill

According to Bill O’Reilly, stupid voters vote Democratic. I guess that the GOP in Wisconsin don’t know that. They just reduced spending on education by $250 million and then voted the same amount for a new Milwaukee Bucks stadium. That means more Democratic voters and they will be able to view Bucks’s games in the comfort of a new stadium.