Tale of Three Johns

It was the best of Johns (Kelly)
It was the worst of Johns (Bolton)
Then there was the boss Don John (Trump)
A triumvirate of evil if ever there was
John Revoltin’ Bolton urged an attack on Iran
Gas lines here we come
Don John needs a war to distract attention
And unite the people behind him
He said so himself
May be the 20-25% of time
He is telling the truth

Trump must go


Damage control

Donald Trump and his merry band of men are doing much damage to our country. Three methods of damage control starting with most effective to least:

  1. Impeachment.
  2. Sabotage the TVs in the White House so that he can no longer get his information and ideas from Fox.
  3. Encourage him to play more golf. No TV on the golf course.

Trump must go

Art of no deal

Donald Trump’s next book, The Art of No Deal, a look at his brief tenure in the White House. Trump learned how to negotiate from his father when Donald was a child, and his methods haven’t changed at all. Yesterday he yelled, pounded the table and walked out of a meeting with Democratic leadership at the White House. His next tactic may be to hold his breath until he turns blue. Of course adding blue to orange will turn his face to a sickly shade of greenish purple. Trump’s favorite tactic is to lie on his back on the floor and drum his heels while crying. It worked well when he was a child, but didn’t work so well with his bankers before his bankruptcies.

Trump must go