No water

We live where is there is construction. We were given notice 72 hours in advance that our water would be off for 8 hours yesterday. We have an ample supply of bottled water for drinking and I filled a bucket and bathtub for other uses. It is surprising how much water a toilet uses. I suggest turning off the water in the White House without warning for 24 hours so that Trump can experience in small part what the residents of Puerto Rico are living with. Perhaps then he will provide them with more help, rather than threatening less.

Trump must go


Donald Trump and his magic egg

Donald Trump carries his magic egg everywhere with him. It resembles a Fabergé egg and was given to him by his good friend Vlad “the impaler” Putin. It contains a cell phone and keeps track of his vital signs. It also allows the Kremlin to locate Trump within three feet and record every word and action verbally and pictorially with its three built-in cameras. It also allows Putin, Trump’s handler in the Kremlin, to put suggestions in Trump’s ear whenever questions are asked that Trump can’t answer. It was Putin’s idea to label all criticism of Trump and Russia as fake news.

Trump must go.


Nero was emperor of Rome from 54 to 68 AD. He inherited the job from his adoptive father, Claudius. Legend has it that he fiddled while Rome burned. Nero fancied himself as a gifted artist, but critics disagreed. What does Trump do in time of tragedy in Puerto Rico and fires in California? He golfs. Probably because they voted for him, Texas and Florida receive more of Trump’s attention than California and Puerto Rico.

Trump must go