Vlad the Impaler and Mohammed the Beheader

Vlad the Impaler Putin
And Mohammed  the Beheader bin Salman
Terrorists and war criminals
Trump has their backs
Reason? It’s money, money, money
If we don’t stop the murder over there
It will start happening over here.

Trump must go


Liars lie part 2

Liars lie
It’s what they do
Putin has killed
More than 60 critics
And denied them all
Saudi Arabia kills critics
Of the regime
Jamal Khashoggi
Is only the latest
Trump believes
Their denials
As one liar to another
He has their backs

Trump must go

How many accusers are enough?

Bill Cosby had more than 50 women accuse him of misconduct and he finally was found guilty of abusing one. Donald Trump has been accused by at least a dozen women and he is President of the US. Brett Kavanaugh has been accused by three women (so far) and the Republicans still want to seat him on the US Supreme Court.

Trump must go