Jamal Khashoggi

Born October 13, 1958
Died October 2, 2018
Trusted his life
To the word of a tyrant
Tyrants can’t be trusted
Mohammad Bin Salman
Sensitive to criticism
Ordered his silence
Saudi assassins obeyed
Now five or more Saudis
Face death themselves
To ensure their silence
Trust not the word of a tyrant
Lest you die on his behalf
Jamal Khashoggi
R. I. P.

Trump must go


It’s OK

It’s OK to kill journalists as long as the person ordering the killing opposes Iran. That was the message today from Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu as he aligned himself with Donald Trump. Friends of Donald are allowed any moral outrages and that includes Vladimir Putin and Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. If we allow this to continue, it will migrate from abroad to here in the US. We must condemn the killers now.

Trump must go

Next US Attorney General

Chris Christie is under consideration for US Attorney General under Donald Trump. With his experience, I think that he would be a better choice than Pam Bondi or Rudy Giuliani, although I don’t think highly of any of them. Once confirmed, I think that Christie would be tempted to go down in history as the man who was responsible for both the conviction of Jared Kushner’s father and his father-in-law, Donald Trump. His place in history would be unique.

Trump must go