JFK assassination

Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK. He was framed, the patsy he claimed to be before Jack Ruby silenced him forever. We will probably never know who pulled the trigger that killed Kennedy. There were at least two shooters. We will never know who ordered the killing, although it was almost certainly a member of the deep state, a high member of the military-industrial complex. We can be relatively certain about why Kennedy was killed, he was not bellicose enough with Cuba, the Soviet Union and Vietnam. The deep state profits from our almost constant wars. For a brief introduction to the truth about the JFK assassination, I suggest Oliver Stone’s JFK. It is the truth so far as I can determine.

Trump must go


Thurman Arnold

Fair Fight and Foul, A Dissenting Lawyer’s Life by Thurman Arnold published in 1951. Arnold was a lawyer and a law professor at Yale and served under FDR as Assistant Attorney General in charge of antitrust enforcement for five years. He is perhaps best known for his book The Folklore of Capitalism published in 1937.

“To bring this about, the important thing needed is the recognition of a national obligation to remove misery and economic destitution into which criminals are born. Once that obligation is accepted, the goods and services to meet it can easily be forthcoming from the constantly increasing productive capacity of the twentieth-century industrial revolution. The necessity to produce these goods will make us not poorer but more prosperous than we were before. The tremendously important result of the exposure of the moral values implicit in the Durham case and in the Gideon case is that these moving dramas on the courtroom stage tend to create a compassionate society. Only a compassionate society can take the measures that will solve the problems of crime and violence in our great cities.”

Trump must go.

No more guns

Today I am starting an effort to limit guns in the US. If Congress does not enact sensible gun control laws by December 31, 2017, I will support an effort to repeal the second amendment to the US Constitution. Impossible you say? Perhaps, but someone, somewhere must start the effort and others, hopefully many others, will join. Without Constitutional protections, sensible gun laws can be enacted into law that the US Supreme Court will uphold. I don’t expect guns to ever disappear from our nation, but I can foresee a day when their number decreases dramatically and their use is greatly reduced. Our country will be a safer place to live and tragedies like Las Vegas will cease to occur. The US is unique in the world with our fascination with guns and violence; it can and must cease.