AR-15 wounds

We need more articles like this one that show and explain how much more damaging AR-15 wounds are than ordinary gunshot wounds. Then people will be willing to support the banning of all military type weapons.

Trump must go



I decided to go undercover to discover how the opposition works. I think I know, but to be sure of their latest tactics and propaganda, today I spent $30.00 for a one-year membership in the NRA. I will issue updates as I receive them.

Trump must go

Lincoln part 2

Lincoln, blinkin’ and nod
Republicans are on the take
They graft left and right
Their greed is out of sight
Secret bank accounts
In Panama, Cyprus and Caymans
Allow them not to pay taxes like Trump
When will the voters seize the day
And make them pay?
Will 2018 be the year
Or must we continue to endure?
Trump must go and
Take the criminals with him.

Ban AR-15 and its like

I personally have treated gunshot victims and honestly I preferred a gunshot over a stabbing because it was less work in my line of work, a x-ray tech in a busy ER. The wounds caused by a slug from an AR-15 are different from ordinary gunshot wounds. Read the attached article and see if you don’t agree with me that the AR-15 must be banned from our streets and schools.

Trump must go

Time to repeal 2nd Amendment

It is time to repeal the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. Really it is past time. The Constitution as originally written supported slavery. It no longer does. The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution because, in part, slave owners wanted and needed guns to protect their property interest in slaves and to control their slaves. The Second Amendment is obsolete and is no longer required as part of the Constitution.

In the future, guns should be regulated by statute laws written in Congress and the individual state legislatures. State laws should apply only in the states where enacted. Laws enacted by Congress should apply in all 50 states and US territories. The US is no longer an expanding nation where settlers require protection from hostile indigenous peoples. What we now require is protection from the outlaws among us and allowing the outlaws to acquire arsenals is not the way to do that.

Trump must go