FEMA unchained

FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The following is satire.

Visiting the fire damaged state of California, Donald Trump promised the same level of Federal assistance as given to Puerto Rico, Houston, and the Florida panhandle. He suggested that the California National Guard be mobilized to rake leaves. Separately he bragged how the mythical FEMA camps, rumored to house right-wing Republicans, had been built by his administration to house asylum seekers and their children in separate installations.

Trump must go

Hurricane Michael

When the Trump administration bungled the Puerto Rico hurricane recovery, I suspected discrimination against poor, brown Democrats. Now that we are witnessing a slow response in Florida in areas that voted for Trump, it looks more like general incompetence. I’ll bet money that if Michael had damaged the area around Mar-a-Lago, the Trump administration’s response would have made greased lightning look slow in comparison.

Trump must go

Pig shit

Hurricane Florence likely will cause billions in damages in the Carolinas. Largely absent from the news will be information about the damage caused by flooding of animal waste lagoons, mostly pig shit. The damage to the environment will be extensive and expensive and the effects may last for decades, thanks to GOP deregulation.

Trump must go

The Battle for Paradise

The Battle for Paradise, Puerto Rico Takes on the Disaster Capitalists by Naomi Klein published in 2018. According to Klein, Puerto Rico is at a fork in the road with two ways forward. The Trump administration wants to reserve the best of the island for the rich, while the people of Puerto Rico want to restore the island for its people. The decisions are being made now. There is no time to waste if the island is to be saved for its residents.

Trump must go

Water wars

The American west has a long history of water wars, past, present and future. Wherever demand exceeds supply, there is a struggle for whatever water is available. Drought makes the struggles worse. Devin Nunes representing the area surrounding Fresno, California, is a product of that struggle for water. The farmers in his district blame Democrats in Sacramento for their shortages. I oppose fracking because the process uses so much water and leaves the land and the aquifers polluted.

There are many good books on past water struggles, perhaps the best among them is Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner. I recommend The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi for one author’s vision of the dry future of the American southwest. With a single exception, no society has ever survived for long utilizing irrigation to feed its people. Egypt and the Nile is that single exception and that may no longer be the case after the construction of the high dam at Aswan. The Nile delta in the Mediterranean is already shrinking.

Trump must go