Death tax

Donald Trump has proposed eliminating the inheritance tax (death tax) for wealthy Americans. That means when he dies, his heirs will be able to inherit his wealth and not pay taxes on it, as will all other wealthy Americans. That will be the end of what democracy we have left. It was Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis who said, “You can have great concentrations of wealth or democracy, but not both at the same time.” Trump is in favor of great concentrations of wealth.

Rupert Murdoch part 2

How much money could Rupert Murdoch make
From the destruction of the United States
If Rupert Murdoch’s goal is the destruction of America?
Rupert Murdoch’s destruction includes FOX News
The Wall Street Journal and the National Geographic Society
Rupert Murdoch must be making gobs of money
From the destruction of the United States
So Rupert Murdoch can afford payouts
North of $85 million to silence critics
And golden parachutes to afford soft landings
For Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly
Other co-conspirators to be named later.

Free market capitalism is not freedom or democracy

From The Crisis of Global Capitalism by George Soros.

“Truth be told, the connection between capitalism and democracy is tenuous at best. Capitalism and democracy obey different principles. The stakes are different: In capitalism wealth is the object, in democracy it is political authority. The criteria by which the stakes are measured are different: In capitalism the unit of account is money, in democracy it is the citizens’ vote. The interests that are supposed to be served are different: In capitalism it is private interests, in democracy it is the public interest.”

In Trump’s America, the public interest is being subverted to private interests, principally his.

United Airlines

If United Airlines were a Japanese company, Oscar Munoz, president and CEO, would apologize and then resign over the incident yesterday at Chicago’s O’Hare airport where four passengers were removed from an overbooked flight. One passenger was injured when he was dragged off the flight. If Munoz refuses to resign, he should be fired by United’s board of directors and then dragged out of his office by security officers exactly as the passenger was removed from the flight.