Insurance part 3

The purpose of insurance is the sharing of risk. When the profit motive is introduced, a portion of the shared risk funds are siphoned off into profit. Private enterprise is always better and more efficient than government so the right claims, until disaster strikes on a large-scale. Then when the victims of disaster expect insurers to be there for them and to meet the expenses of disaster, that is when insurers deny payment or pay less than they should. That is when government is expected to step in and make everyone whole again.That is happening now in California where the State of California is offering help to PG&E, the underinsured utility that probably is responsible for the Paradise fire. My question is: why not eliminate the middle man, the private insurer? If government is the ultimate insurer, why not have government collect insurance payments in the form of taxes, eliminating the profit motive entirely?

Trump must go

Price of “juice”

The price of “juice”, electricity, in Southern Utah is on the rise. Our electric bill shows 24 month of usage and follows a seasonal sine wave shape, highest in January/February for heating and again in July/August for cooling. It is lowest when we turn the system off in spring and fall. I just received a low point bill which used to be between $50 and $60. It was $85, an increase of $25 to $35. Our bill in summer is usually twice what it is in winter because cooling is more expensive for us than heating in an all-electric system. We will increase our budget for electricity in the future at the same time we are budgeting more for food.

My wife has started a new, all natural food diet and we have had to increase our food budget because natural foods are more expensive than the other kind. We eat well, but we were struggling to stay within our budget as food prices are increasing rapidly. We used to shop for groceries together, but my wife complained about my impulse purchases, so we have stopped grocery shopping together. Now we split our grocery budget, 2/3 for her and 1/3 for me. She shops for groceries in the stores, and I shop online and at Costco. This system works well for us. I have noticed that the price of groceries has increased by a factor of 10 since we moved to California in 1965. Then we could feed four adults for $18/week. Now it costs $180/week to feed two adults and 2 cats.

Trump must go

Trumpy Bear

Give a Trumpy Bear to your Trump supporter for Christmas. Made in China and priced at US$40.00, it is a teddy bear with Trump’s hair and eyebrows and a long red tie. Not suitable for children under age 12. I wonder who is making money from Trumpy Bear and has Donald Trump licensed the use of his name in its sale? Might it be cause for impeachment?

Trump must go and Trumpy Bear too