Sears closing

Sears has been part of my life my entire life. Yesterday I learned that our local Sears store has closed. It was not unexpected, but it was still a shock. We always bought certain goods at Sears if we wanted a certain level of quality. No more. Lately, the local Sears was mostly empty of customers, so the closing was not unexpected. There are probably several reasons for the failing of Sears throughout the US, but I believe that the basic reason is that many Americans can no longer afford to shop there.

Trump must go


Too big to fail part 4

It Takes a Pillage, Behind the Bailouts, Bonuses, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street by Nomi Prins. Sometime between his speech in Boston in July, 2004, to the Democratic National Convention and his February, 2007, speech in Springfield, Illinois, I decided to support the candidacy of Barack Obama. I had one worry, his support by big money, specifically the Pritzker family of Chicago. Did they want favors or were they supporting him for the good of the country? I never found an answer to that question, although I watched events carefully for the eight years of his presidency.

Generally, I was pleased with the Obama years even though he might have done more for the poor and middle class. Of course, he had to deal with the Republicans. It is Prins’s contention, and I agree with her, that the Obama administration took the wrong track in dealing with the Great Recession. We should have reinstated Glass-Steagall to separate commercial banking from investment banking and we should not have created financial institutions too big to fail. The Obama administration allowed conditions to remain in place guaranteeing another great recession in the future.

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Froggy the Gremlin part 2

Froggy the Gremlin was a troublemaker on radio in the 1940s and TV in the 1950s. He was a regular on Smilin’ Ed’s Gang which I listened to religiously as a child. As a matter of fact, I won two pencil boxes by submitting jokes to the show. Froggy was introduced  by plunking his magic twanger. If Trump’s lawyers are to have a hope of saving him, they MUST take his magic twanger, his tweeter, away from him.

Trump must go

Useful drones

Recently I saw a video of a drone being used as a crop duster. That is the most useful use of a drone that I have ever seen. Using a drone to film real estate for sale and to deliver packages are also good uses of the technology. When we stop using drones to kill people, then drones can become a useful part of our everyday lives.

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Art Laffer

The End of Prosperity, How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy–If We Let It Happen by Arthur B. Laffer, Stephen Moore and Peter J. Tanous published in 2008. Though generally demonstrated to be ineffective, supply side economics is still being regularly touted by Laffer on FOX News. I guess it is a case of he who Laffers last, Laffers best.

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