Voter ID

Requiring picture ID issued by government in order to vote sounds reasonable, but it is a solution looking for a problem to solve. However, it is the implementation that is the problem. Republicans looking for an unfair advantage are manipulating voter ID laws to make voting by Democrats and those leaning Democratic more difficult. For how they are doing that, please read One Person, No Vote by Carol Anderson. Voting is a RIGHT, not a privilege. Adult citizens of the US have the right to the vote and the right to have that vote be counted and to mean something. Voter suppression is destroying democracy and makes me very angry.

Trump must go


One Person, No Vote

One Person, No Vote, How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy by Carol Anderson published in 2018.

“Thus, when thirty-one states are vying to develop new and more ruthless ways to disfranchise their population, and when the others are searching desperately for ways to bring millions of citizens into the electorate, we have created a nation where democracy is simultaneously atrophying and growing–depending solely on where one lives. History makes clear, however, that this is simply not sustainable. It wasn’t sustainable in the antebellum era. It wasn’t sustainable when the poll tax and the literacy test gave disproportionate power in Congress to Southern Democrats. And it’s certainly not sustainable now. Or, as Abraham Lincoln soberly observed, ‘I believe this government cannot endure , permanently half slave and half free.'”

Trump must go

The Shadow President

The Shadow President, The Truth About Mike Pence by Michael D’Antonio and Peter Eisner published in 2018.

“Although Donald Trump was regarded as a political neophyte when he ran for president, thanks to his TV shows and a lifelong quest for media attention, he was vastly better known than Mike Pence. More important, little separated the real Donald Trump from the bragging, boorish, and divisive figure seen at rallies and debates. Trump was who he said he was. This was not the case with Pence, whose pious and cautious exterior hid a desire for power equal to Trump’s. The main difference was that Pence was truly committed to the authoritarian style of religion Trump had seemed to profess for the purpose of gaining election. With it, he intended to do far more to change the nation and the world than Trump could imagine.”

Trump must go

How Fascism Works

How Fascism Works, The Politics of Us and Them by Jason Stanley published in 2018. Donald Trump is a fascist and he is supported by the Republican Party.

“Empires in decline are particularly susceptible to fascist politics because of this sense of loss. It is in the very nature of empire to create a hierarchy; empires legitimize their colonial enterprises by a myth of their own exceptionalism. In the course of decline, the population is easily led to a sense of national humiliation that can be mobilized in fascist politics to serve various purposes.”

“The labor union is the chief mechanism societies have found to bind people who differ along various dimensions. Trade unions are sources of cooperation and community, and of wage equality, as well as mechanisms to provide protections from the vicissitudes of the global market. According to fascist politics, unions must be smashed so that individual laborers are left to fend for themselves on the sea of global capitalism, ready to become dependent instead on a party or leader. Antipathy to labor unions is such a major theme of fascist politics that fascism cannot be fully comprehended without an understanding of it.”

Trump must go

Hitler on MAGA rallies

From Escape From Freedom by Erich H. Fromm published in 1941. This is what Hitler had to say about rallies and that is where Trump is most comfortable.

“‘The mass meeting is necessary if only for the reason that in it the individual, who is becoming an adherent of a new movement feels lonely and is easily seized with the fear of being alone, receives for the first time the pictures of a greater community, something that has a strengthening and encouraging effect on most people… If he steps for the first time out of his small workshop or out of the big enterprise, in which he feels very small, into the mass meeting and is now surrounded by thousands and thousands of people with the same conviction… he himself succumbs to the magic influence of what we call mass suggestion.'”

This article describes a typical Trump MAGA rally.

Trump must go