The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate, A Novel in Verse by Vikram Seth. Set in San Francisco in the early 1980s in the early years of Reagan.

“Killing is dying. This equation
Carries no mystical import
It is the literal truth. Our nation
Has long believed war was a sport.
Unoccupied, unbombed, undying,
While ‘over there’ the shells were flying,
How could we know the Russian dread
Of war, the mountains of their dead?
We reveled in acceleration
At every level of the race;
And even now we’re face to face
With mutual extermination
We talk as blithely as before
Of  ‘surgical strikes’ and ‘limited war.'”

A living wage

From More Human by Steve Hilton. Please note the dates.

“Britain owes the roots of its minimum wage to Sir Winston Churchill, a champion of free markets, who backed the country’s first minimum-wage legislation in 1909. Arguing for it in Parliament, Churchill put it as well as anyone: ‘It is a serious national evil that any class of His Majesty’s subjects should receive less than a living wage in return for their utmost exertions.'”

Australia enacted the first living wage in 1896.

More Human

More Human, Designing a World Where People Come First by Steve Hilton published in 2016.

“Health care is a human right. It is essential for human dignity and necessary for society to function, making its common provision both a public good and good public policy. In the UK the National Health Service(NHS) is politically inviolable, a settled part of British society. We Brits are rightly proud of the idea of the NHS. Donald Trump once said that his policy on Obamacare was to replace with ‘something terrific’; I think it’s pretty terrific that in Britain everyone can receive health care as a right, based on their medical need and not their ability to pay”

Steve Hilton now has a weekly show on FOX News entitled The Next Revolution at 9:00 pm EDT on Sundays. I have not yet seen the show, but based on the book, it may be worth viewing.

Furniture kills

A Colony in a Nation by Chris Hayes. Black lives do matter although they inhabit a separate world within the US, the colony within the US nation. It is white fear that denies this fact. Politicians and others prey upon white fears to demonize those who don’t look or dress or worship like us. Trump is attempting to demonize Muslims with his travel bans. It is a fact that accidents with furniture kill more Americans in a typical year than terrorists do.