Proof of Collusion

Proof of Collusion, How Trump Betrayed America by Seth Abramson published in 2018.

“Whatever happens, America–which has been spiritually, psychologically, and politically paralyzed by Trump’s toxic insinuation into its culture–will continue in a state of paralysis that won’t be broken until Trump’s exit from American life. And when that happens, America is likely to find that the president’s unprincipled and narcissistic reality could not be sustained at home or under the gaze of the entire world. That gaze will reveal, even more than is already evident, that the world Donald J. Trump inhabits isn’t the one most of the rest of us do.”

Guilty as charged.

Trump must go

Border security part 2

Inevitable Revolutions, The United States in Central America by Walter LaFeber published in 1993. When they gained their independence from Spain, the nations of Central America tried to join the young United States. They were rebuffed due to fears of upsetting the slave state/free state balance that existed before the US Civil war.

Immigration from Mexico is on the decline. Mexican labor in the US is being supplemented by laborers from Central America and refugees from the wars in the Middle East. If Trump’s Muslim ban continues and a southern border wall reduces the influx of cheap labor, where is the US to find the cheap labor we need? Perhaps it will be necessary to import contract laborers from China for periods of five to seven years. Chinese labor built western infrastructure, but the Chinese were not welcomed by the Anglo population.

Trump must go


Dreamland, The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinones published in 2015. Opiates are prescribed legally for pain. From opiates which are addictive, users move on to heroin which arrives mostly from growers in Mexico. The drugs are smuggled into the US in vehicles crossing at legal checkpoints and concealed in goods imported legally. Some is imported through tunnels. Walls will not stop the tide of drugs.

Trump must go