Gaslighting America

Gaslighting America, Why We Love It When Trump Lies to Us by Amanda Carpenter published in 2018.

“Gaslighting is far more aggressive than any of these misguided lies. It’s an elaborate scheme undertaken with the goal of gaining control over people. Trump is an expert gaslighter and what I want you to understand is that there is a very specific method to his madness.

“The term comes from a 1938 play, later made into the film Gaslight, in which a man attempts to convince his wife she is delusional in order to distract her from the murder he committed. Gaslighting is far more malicious than a little white lie; it’s a lie told in such a way that it makes the person being lied to feel crazy, and, in dramatic cases, start acting like it.

“I showed you how Trump worked through the steps when he was gaslighting people about Obama’s birth certificate. Those very same steps are almost always present in his political attacks. Here they are:

  • Stake a claim
  • Advance and deny
  • Create suspense
  • Discredit the opponent
  • Win

“There it is, Trump’s gaslighting method, which he has used time and again. This is how he achieves the true goal of every megamanipulator: attaining complete control over his environment and the people in it. It’s enough to drive sane people mad if they don’t understand how it works and why he uses it. But now that you have this book, you won’t be one of them.”

Gaslighting is difficult to counter. Trump has been perfecting his technique his entire life and he is good at it. We are going to have to live with it because he is not going away even if successfully impeached. Be aware and beware.

Trump must go


Too big to fail part 4

It Takes a Pillage, Behind the Bailouts, Bonuses, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street by Nomi Prins. Sometime between his speech in Boston in July, 2004, to the Democratic National Convention and his February, 2007, speech in Springfield, Illinois, I decided to support the candidacy of Barack Obama. I had one worry, his support by big money, specifically the Pritzker family of Chicago. Did they want favors or were they supporting him for the good of the country? I never found an answer to that question, although I watched events carefully for the eight years of his presidency.

Generally, I was pleased with the Obama years even though he might have done more for the poor and middle class. Of course, he had to deal with the Republicans. It is Prins’s contention, and I agree with her, that the Obama administration took the wrong track in dealing with the Great Recession. We should have reinstated Glass-Steagall to separate commercial banking from investment banking and we should not have created financial institutions too big to fail. The Obama administration allowed conditions to remain in place guaranteeing another great recession in the future.

Trump must go


Red Mafiya part 2

Red Mafiya, How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America by Robert I. Friedman. Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov was a Russian mobster greatly feared both in Russia and the US. He was assassinated in July and later died of his wounds in October, 2009.

“A copy of Ivankov’s personal phone book, which was obtained by the author, included a working number for the Trump Organization’s Trump Tower Residence, and a Trump Organization office fax machine.”

That is only a slender link between the Russian mob and Donald Trump, but I think that the Mueller probe will find additional links.

Trump must go

Red Mafiya

Red Mafiya, How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America by Robert I. Friedman published in 2000. With his southern wall, Donald Trump is looking in the wrong direction, barking up the wrong tree. He should be looking east to the former Soviet Union, which has sent and continues to export its worst elements to the US and the rest of the West. Instead of banning Muslims as a potential threat, we should have a permanent ban on the criminals of Russia which includes the current government of Vladimir Putin.

Trump must go