Uruguay by Marion Morrison, part of the Enchantment of the World series from Scholastic Inc. Scholastic publishes this series on most nations of the world. Elementary, but informative, I know of no other introductory books as useful as these. Whenever a hot spot is in the news and you want useful background information, turn off the tube and curl up with the relevant volume. You’ll learn much more useful information. Uruguay, by the way, means river where there are birds.

Ending Obama’s War

Ending Obama’s War, Responsible Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan by David Cortright published in 2011. In describing how Afghans treat their women, the author reminds me of the way the GOP treat or are trying to treat women in the US. One suggestion never made about solving the treatment of women in Afghanistan is the separation of the sexes. Separate Afghanistan into two separate nations, one male and one female. Women will be safe from male domination, and in a generation or two, the problem will solve itself. No future generations of Afghans.

What is truth? part 2

Playing to the Edge, American Intelligence in the Age of Terror by Michael V. Hayden, former head of the NSA and the CIA. Frustrated at a political officer in communist Bulgaria, he once asked him what was truth to him. “He answered, ‘Truth? Truth is what serves the Party.'” That answer has been adopted by another party, the Republican Party here in the US.

Free market capitalism is not freedom or democracy

From The Crisis of Global Capitalism by George Soros.

“Truth be told, the connection between capitalism and democracy is tenuous at best. Capitalism and democracy obey different principles. The stakes are different: In capitalism wealth is the object, in democracy it is political authority. The criteria by which the stakes are measured are different: In capitalism the unit of account is money, in democracy it is the citizens’ vote. The interests that are supposed to be served are different: In capitalism it is private interests, in democracy it is the public interest.”

In Trump’s America, the public interest is being subverted to private interests, principally his.