Thanks, Obama

Thanks, Obama, My Hopey, Changey White House Years by David Litt published in 2017. I highly recommend this book to Obama supporters who want to see the Obama years from the perspective of one of his writers. Litt worked first for Valerie Jarrett and then transitioned to writing for the President. He specialized in comedy and this book is a joy to read.

Trump must go.


Dirty hands

According to Ed Henry of FOX News, Barack Obama was reluctant to get his hands dirty by dealing with Congress, while Donald Trump was getting his small hands dirty by dealing with Congress to get Trumpcare passed. I doubt that Ed Henry is correct, but if he were, then hooray for clean hands.

15 years

Donald Trump is 70 years old.

Barack Obama is 55 years old.

The difference is 15 years.

Nothing Trump or his supporters can do to change that.

That means that Barack Obama will likely still be around long after Trump is dead and gone. Obama will be available to help us recover from the damage that Trump may be able to do. I believe that Obama will be regarded by history as a great president. Although the GOP prevented him from accomplishing as much as I desired during his eight years in office, he is still young enough to lead during the Trump era and then retire to a seat on the US Supreme Court.