Big lie

Where is Candy Crowley when you need her? After pointing out one of Mitt Romney’s lies, she has vanished from the tube. Most of today’s on-air reporters just repeat whatever lies are Donald Trump’s topic of the day. Instead of warning viewers that Trump’s statements are unverified or just plain wrong, viewers are subjected to lie after lie. Eventually some of those lies are accepted as true or possibly true. The technique is known as the big lie and it has proven to be effective propaganda.

Age of Consent

Age of Consent is a sweet, little romantic comedy starring James Mason and Helen Mirren filmed on Dunk Island, the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia and released in 1969. Five years later in 1974, my future wife and I spent three weeks touring that part of Australia. We did not reach Dunk Island, but we did visit a resort 250 miles to the southeast on Dent Island. The scenery there was very similar to that shown in this film. Dent Island had a resort that consisted of mobile homes situated on the beach, with a pool just steps away. My future wife and I had the resort to ourselves as air service was out of service, forcing guests to arrive by boat. It was a few days of paradise. We both love Australia and especially that part of Australia.


Antonietta by John Hersey, the author of Hiroshima, A Bell for Adano and many other good books. If you have wondered as I have what makes a Stradivarius violin special, this book will answer your question. It traces the existence of one special violin out of the approximately 1,000 violins that Antonio Stradivari crafted during his long lifetime. A great read.