Delta loss

Some of the most productive land on earth is contained in river deltas and they all will be lost in the next few decades as oceans rise everywhere. For a preview of what delta loss will look like, look no farther than the Nile delta. Because of the Aswan High Dam, less silt is being deposited throughout the Nile valley. And that is most obvious in the Nile delta where seawater encroaches on productive farm land and renders it unusable before it erodes into the sea.

3 parties

Our democracy works best with two parties. However, at this time there are three parties: Democrats, Republicans and Republican’ts (known as Tea Party or Freedom Caucus). During the Obama years, the Republicans and the Republican’ts acted in unison to oppose everything that Obama tried to do. Now that the Republicans control the White House, the Republicans cannot govern without some assistance either from the Democrats or the Republican’ts, and the Republican’ts are still in opposition to everything.

Under a Green Sky

Under a Green Sky,  Global Warming, the Mass Extinctions of the Past, and What They Can Tell Us about Our Future by Peter D. Ward published in 2007. Climate varies in regular cycles of varying lengths. We live now at the end of a time of stability that is relatively rare. Humanity has flourished in a long period of the stability of what we consider to be normal climate, but in fact is very rare. Adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as we are will accelerate change and return us to a climate that varies markedly. In the future, coastlines will be different, crops will suffer, and many millions will die from starvation and/or war. I recommend this book.