Korea North and South

North Korea has a population of 22 million and South Korea 44 million. If the US launches a first strike on North Korea, the North will retaliate, and according to this article, 1/3 or 15 million people in South Korea will die within a few days. Millions more in North Korea will die when the US retaliates, probably with nuclear weapons.

Death tax

Donald Trump has proposed eliminating the inheritance tax (death tax) for wealthy Americans. That means when he dies, his heirs will be able to inherit his wealth and not pay taxes on it, as will all other wealthy Americans. That will be the end of what democracy we have left. It was Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis who said, “You can have great concentrations of wealth or democracy, but not both at the same time.” Trump is in favor of great concentrations of wealth.

Trade war with Canada

Donald Trump has just launched a trade war with Canada to protest low milk prices that are hurting some dairy farmers in Wisconsin. His method of compelling Canada to submit is to tax Canadian exports of wood to the US. That tactic has been tried in the past and has failed repeatedly over the past 30 years. If Canada wants to sell their wood in the US for less rather than for more, we should let them. Putting a tariff on their wood will hurt Canadian jobs and US consumers who will pay more for new houses. It won’t help Wisconsin dairy farmers.

This may be an example of the famous Trump negotiating style: bully the little guy and then stiff him by not paying. If it truly is the Trump style, he is going to face mounting resistance. Mexico has already refused to pay for the wall and North Korea is unlikely to respond positively to our show of force. Ted Cruz’s suggestion that we use drug trafficking seizures to pay for the wall is taking money out of the US Treasury, US taxpayer property, not property of Mexico.