I agree with Trump

Never thought that I would say it, but there, it’s said. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I agree that the US should get out of Syria and Afghanistan too. We have punished the Afghan people for 17 years and it is long enough. The British, the Soviets and now we Americans have failed to fix Afghanistan. The Afghans will have to do it themselves if it can be done. We should also stop helping the Saudis wage war on Yemen. Those who support the many wars in the Middle East usually say that Iran is involved, but so what. Iranian aid is often humanitarian in nature, and I contend that we should be allied with Iran rather than Saudi Arabia. The Saudi royal family is going to be overthrown eventually and then we will forced to choose among the players. Let us make our strategic choices now rather than later.

Trump must go

2 thoughts on “I agree with Trump

  1. I agree we need to leave, but withdrawal needs to be in an orderly way after consultation with allies and the military not by tweet.

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