Open borders

FOX News and others on the right like to demonize George Soros and Hillary Clinton with the claim that they support eliminating US national borders so that the US would be overrun with foreign nationals coming to the US to take our jobs and rape our women. What they neglect to point out is that Ronald Reagan, that patron saint of the GOP, supported policies that he believed would lead to open borders over a period of perhaps 100 years.

This quotation is from Homelands, Four Friends, Two Countries, and the Fate of the Great Mexican-American Migration by Alfredo Corchado published in 2018.

“‘The key to our own future security may lie in both Mexico and Canada becoming much stronger countries than they are today,’ said candidate Reagan, dressed in a gray suit and burgundy tie, his hand touching a  globe and pointing to North America. ‘… It is time to stop thinking of our nearest neighbors as foreigners… A developing closeness between the United States, Mexico and Canada would serve notice on friend and foe alike that we are prepared for a long haul, looking outward again and confident of our future; that together we’re going to create jobs, to generate new fortunes of wealth for many and provide a legacy for the children of each of our countries.’

“‘Looking to the past and future, Reagan envisioned a time–perhaps one hundred years on–when we can dare to ‘dream that at some future date a map of the world might show the North American continent as one in which the people’s commerce of its three strong countries flow more freely across their present borders than they do today.'”

Canada is our number one customer for our exports while Mexico is number two. Our sales to Mexico generate nearly 5 million US jobs.

Trump must go