Vlad “the Impaler” Putin part 4

Vladimir Putin is not a communist; he is something much worse, a dedicated member of the secret police, formerly the KGB, now the FSB. No matter the name, the methods and goals remain unchanged from the Soviet era, suppression of the people of Russia and subversion of the West. Nothing significant in Russia happens without Putin’s knowledge and blessing. The oligarchs, the very wealthy, owe their position and wealth to Putin’s continued approval. If the oligarchs donate to Western candidates, it is done with Putin’s approval. The Russian mafia exists only because Putin allows it to exist and only as long as they follow Putin’s orders. In effect, Vladimir Putin is both head of government of the Russian Federation and don of dons of the Russian mob.

Putin requires the re-acquisition of Ukraine to make Russia great again. He will not tolerate Western interference with his plans to re-unite with Ukraine. He has seized the Crimea from Ukraine, but that is only the beginning. In his effort to make Russia a great power again, he is waging a hidden war against the West. We need to start fighting back, and to do that, we need a leader in the White house, not a Russian sycophant. The Global War on Terror is really just a distraction from the more dangerous enemy, Putin and Russia.

Trump must go