George Washington Plunkitt

Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, A Series of Very Plain Talks on Very Practical Politics Delivered by Ex-senator George Washington Plunkitt, the Tammany Hall Philosopher from his Rostrum–the New York County Court House Bootblack Stand recorded by William L. Riordon. Plunkitt was a successful Tammany Hall politician for four decades and he was unique in his willingness to talk about the details of his life.

“I’ve been studin’ the political game for forty-five years, and I don’t know it all yet. I’m learnin’ somethin’ all the time. How, then, can you expect what they call ‘business men’ to turn into politics all at once and make a success of it? It is just as if I went up to Columbia University and started to teach Greek. They usually last about as long in politics as I would last at Columbia.”

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