A pig in a poke

If the US Senate votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court before having an opportunity to review all the documents from his previous government service, they will be buying a pig in a poke. Of course in the future, there will be simple solution to the GOP effort to pack the Court with doctrinaire conservatives, increase the number of justices by four or more. It’s called court packing.

Fig in a foke
Gig in a goke
Mig in a moke
Yig in a yolk
Pig in a poke

Trump must go


2 thoughts on “A pig in a poke

  1. His credentials and service are well-known. There’s no need to drag things out just to appease the Left…who will never be appeased anyway.

    Confirm him! “Remove” Ginsberg and confirm the next AMERICAN SCOTUS. #MAGA by any means and without compunction or limit. Nothing is a crime if the “victim” is a leftist or of the sorts that they pander to- and enable.

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