Russian oligarchs part 2

Russian oligarchs are the super-rich of Russia. They owe their wealth to Vladimir Putin and are allowed to retain their riches as long as they do what he says. If they do not, they are stripped of their wealth and frequently imprisoned. If they flee to the West for their and their family’s safety, they are allowed to live quietly as long as they do not criticize Putin. If they do criticize Putin, they are assassinated.

In Citizens United, the US Supreme Court ruled that money in politics is a form of free speech. Russian money in US politics is not a form of free speech since the campaign donors are not free men. They are the servants of Vladimir Putin and do as he says. They are not democrats donating to candidates in the West because they support Western ideas and values. The donations are designed to advance the interests of the Russian state and Putin regards himself as the guardian of that state.

Trump must go and Putin too