Putin’s M O

Putin’s M O, or modus operandi, is described below from the book Mr. Putin, Operative in the Kremlin by Fiona Hill and Clifford G. Gaddy. In the period described, Putin worked in the mayor’s office in St. Petersburg, Russia.

“The key question is, what exactly was the mechanism Putin and Zubkov used to exert leverage? The various accounts suggest that it involved a degree of blackmail. To the extent that Putin and Zubkov collected financial data that clearly indicated non-payment of taxes and other misdeeds, they had an ideal weapon with which to enforce business deals between private companies and the city as defined by the mayor’s office. They had only to let companies know that they were in possession of the incriminating information but they had not turned it over to the law enforcement agencies and would not turn it over as long as the businessman behaved properly. This was the type of classic ‘secret service method’ that council member Belyaev was referring to. It was precisely the approach Putin would have been taught, and would have practiced, in the KGB.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Robert Mueller will probably have something to say about this soon.

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