Donald Trump slept here

Octopus, Sam Israel, The Secret Market, and Wall Street’s Wildest Con by Guy Lawson published in 2012. Sam Israel 3 started a hedge fund that developed into a Ponzi scheme. When his marriage broke up and his wife kicked out of their house, he rented a house from Donald Trump for $22,000.00/month.

“Winding up the driveway of 52 Oregon Road in Mount Kisco, Sam knew he’d found the spot. The house wasn’t so much a mansion as a monument to excess. The owner was Donald Trump. The self-promoting tycoon had lived there himself. Like Trump, everything about the house was comically over the top–so impossibly huge for one person to live in that it signified only massive insecurity….
“Trump had renovated the house in his uniquely garish style. Inside there were oversized chandeliers, and the bathrooms were done in marble and glass; the giant kitchen was stocked with the latest stainless-steel appliances.”

Trump must go