Kimberly Guilfoyle part 2

Kimberly Guilfoyle works for FOX News and is Donald Trump Jr.’s latest squeeze. She is smart and energetic, and why she works for FOX and dates that loser Donald Jr. is a mystery to me. Previously she was married to Gavin Newsom , mayor of San Francisco, and soon to be governor of California. She should have stayed with Newsom. The lyrics below are set to Wouldn’t it be loverly from My Fair Lady.

All I want is a room somewhere
Far away from the cold night air
With one enormous chair
Oh, wouldn’t it be Kimberly?
Lots of chocolate for me to eat
Lots of coal makin’ lots of heat
Warm face, warm hands, warm feet
Oh, wouldn’t it be Kimberly?
Oh, so lovely sittin’
Abso-bloomin’-lutely still
I would never budge till spring
Crept over me window sill
Someone’s head restin’ on my knee
Warm and tender as he can be
Who takes good care of me
Oh, wouldn’t it be Kimberly?
Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly

Please see Kimberly Guilfoyle

Trump must go