Trump and opioids

Opioids and Trump go together like love and marriage. Does one lead to the other like a gateway drug? No, I think that economic despair leads to opioid use and those suffering economically are more likely to vote for Trump. Both Trump and opioid use are co-dependent on a GOP-induced slow recovery from the Great Recession.

Trump must go

3 thoughts on “Trump and opioids

      • @Lander7

        Your inquisitive and altruism have a price. Your comments remind me about a genius and his quest for altruism, absent from the realities of life. I recommend you read it and I will pray you will understand the message, there is a price for everything in this world, nothing is free.

        The article you mentioned is a personal opinion of an economist with the same background of the economists that brought about 10 trillion dollars in USA trade deficits.

        In other words his opinion is a failed economic theory which millions of people who were studied Economics were taught in College and cannot seem to grasp that the theory turned out to be a bad deal for the USA economy.

        Regards and good will blogging.

        PS Do some reading to obtain understanding on the subjects of trade balances, negotiations and altruism. Your innocence’s and nativity needs a dose of reality, in my opinion.
        If after reading, you h
        ave questions, I will be happy to share my opinions, some which I admit are human or fallible, wise or foolish, or whatever you decide..

        In other word, it is time for us to separate from these three subjects in accordance to a king Solomon proverb of advice.

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