Time cover

Trump should be happy now; he’s on the cover of Time. He should have copies posted in all of his golf properties to replace the phony Time covers hanging there now.

Trump must go


5 thoughts on “Time cover

  1. I wonder if it is Trump you should pity, or our Nation?

    Time will tell. Hopefully, in the mean time, Clinton will be jailed and Micele Obama will be elected President or Opara in time so she can pardon Hillary to get her out of jail so she can sell more Uranium mines to the Russians.

    Regards and good will blogging.

    • Small point that I regard with some importance. Oprah, Michelle, and Joy-Ann Reid, not Read. I usually stop reading when I hit a misspelling. When Michele Bachmann was running, I hit on a trick to remember the spelling so that I did not have to look it up time after time. Michele Bachmann, one “L”, two “N”s.

  2. Yes indeed, someday he will be gone same as Obama who wrote the original order to separate children from parents.

    Hopefully, in the next election, enough Democratic Legislators will also be gone so the 35-year illegal immigration problem plaguing the USA will finally be resolved.

    We should all thank Trump for signing a bill to end Obama’s order, which for some reason has never been reported by the news media?

    Regards and good will blogging.

      • The crisis on our southern border is likely to last for months because reuniting separated children with their parents will require competence–something the Trump administration lacks. And the longer the crisis lasts, the more likely that it will still be ongoing when the Mueller report is issued. Thus the shit will hit the fan while Donald’s hair is still on fire. Poor Donald, I almost pity him.

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