I don’t believe in walls, but if a wall to the south is necessary, why not build a shorter wall farther south? Mexico narrows to about 150 miles in width between the Caribbean and Pacific coasts in the Veracruz/Oaxaca area. Surely a wall 150 miles in length would be cheaper to build and guard than one 1500 miles long along our southern border. Mexico would build the wall and supply guards. The US would pay for it. Building the wall and supplying guards would employ many people in Mexico.

The people currently seeking asylum in the US with their children are primarily from El Salvador and Guatemala. A better solution than a wall and probably cheaper would be to assist those two nations solve their internal problems so that their citizens would not flee to the US. Most of the others who seek entry into the US are looking for work at the same time as US employers are looking for workers. There should be an orderly and legal process for workers and employers to find each. It makes no sense to force workers to run a dangerous gauntlet just to enter the US.

Trump must go