Means and ends part 4

Do the ends justify the means? That is a question most of us have discussed in high school. The correct answer depends on circumstances. Sometimes it does and sometimes it does not. During the 2012 election, the Romney campaign used post-truth accusations against President Obama. They counted on the Obama campaign not responding in kind. I thought the election important enough to use means that I was ashamed of to counter the Romney campaign. Instead of saying that the Romney campaign was lying, I attacked Mitt personally with ridicule. I did not like using those means, but I felt the ends, re-electing Obama, were justification.

In 2016, many on the religious right justified their support for Trump because he promised to name a conservative to the US Supreme Court. They recognized that Trump is a sinner and a generally flawed candidate. They justified their support because they view Trump as God’s instrument to preserve a Christian America. In my opinion, there is no justification for a vote for Trump, NONE.

Trump must go