Once more into the breach

America’s War for the Greater Middle East, A Military History by Andrew J. Bacevich published in 2016. America’s Middle East wars for oil, democracy and against terrorism started in the late 1970s and have continued largely without interruption ever since. From Bosnia to Pakistan and from Afghanistan to Somalia, US forces have crisscrossed the area, looking for a rapidly moving enemy, radical Islam seeking to start a caliphate. The author’s conclusion is to withdraw from the area and let the locals sort it out. I agree.

On April 13, Donald Trump ordered the launch of missiles against Syria to send Bashar al-Assad and Russia a message. It would have been cheaper and probably as effective to send them telegrams. Certainly Trump telegraphed his intentions, giving the Syrians and the Russians time to move to safer ground. The US claims mission accomplished while the Russians have another version. At this time, all we really know is that missiles hit the ground in Syria and exploded. We don’t know who used chemical weapons. Based on our history in the Middle East, it will be months or years before we know the truth. We do know that past US administrations have spun the facts, and we know that the Trump administration is less truthful than its predecessors.

Trump must go