Don’t Be Fooled, Pennsylvanians!

Filosofa's Word

On Tuesday, the good people in the 18th congressional district of Pennsylvania will head to the polls to choose a new representative to the U.S. House of Representatives.  I am begging you, Pennsylvania, to please, please vote with your heads and do not send Rick Saccone to Washington!  We do not need any more of his ilk … we already have plenty like him!

In January, I wrote a piece about Mr. Saccone, who is running against the democratic candidate, Conor Lamb.  A quick overview of the reasons not to vote for this ‘man’:

  • He is such a staunch supporter of gun rights for all, that he tried to push through a bill to force children’s restaurant/entertainment center, Chuck E. Cheese, to allow people to carry guns into the establishment. He claimed that to bar guns inside the restaurant was discriminatory.  Children’s lives matter less to this man…

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