Trump tariffs

Tariffs are how trade wars and depressions start. The Federal government was financed by tariffs before the progressive income tax was initiated in 1913. Since then the Great Depression was deepened by tariffs enacted in the early 1930s. By coincidence or by design, Trump is promising steel tariffs to help US workers just prior to a March 13 special election in and near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in which the GOP candidate is in danger of losing, a district that Trump carried handily in 2016.

Trump must go

8 thoughts on “Trump tariffs

    • Good article. Tariffs can be a good thing and I support their use, if properly designed. However, I don’t trust Trump to do the right thing. Free trade as currently promoted is not good for American workers because it makes us compete with the lowest wage earners on the planet, most of them in China. Go to your local Walmart and check the labels. Most of what they sell is junk made in China. Americans shop there because they cannot afford better.

      • Would you have trusted Clinton more than Trump? I remember voting for Obama in his first term because he made a promise to renegotiate trade agreements. Instead he negotiated a treaty with South Korea that added to the trade deficit and instead of creating his promise of 70,000 American jobs we lost 70,000 manufacturing jobs.

        At least Trump appears to be trying to fulfill his campaign promises, in my opinion.

        In other words he is earning my trust and even if it don’t work out at first, at least he is making an efforts. Another way of saying he is not an empty suit President.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

      • I trusted Obama and on tariffs he let me down. I opposed the Trans Pacific Partnership and I’m glad that we didn’t join. My one qualm with Obama was that he had the support of the Pritzker family of Chicago and that worried me. However, basically I thought he did a good job under difficult circumstances.

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