America at War with Itself

America at War with Itself by Henry A. Giroux published in 2017.

“As my colleague David L. Clark points out in personal correspondence, the frankness of Trump’s call for violence coupled with his unapologetic thirst for injustice position him as the ‘latest expression of a fascism that has poisoned political life throughout modernity. He is unabashedly vicious because he is both an agent and a symptom of a barren political landscape in which viciousness goes insolently unhidden.’ Trump is a monster without a conscience, a politician with a toxic set of politics. He is the product of a form of finance capitalism and a long legacy of racism and violence in which conscience is put to sleep, democracy withers, and public values are extinguished. This is truly a time of monsters, and Trump is simply the most visible and certainly one of the most despicable.”

Trump must go