Medicare part D

My wife and I avoid taking prescription drugs as much as possible. We delayed signing up for Medicare part D until I needed to start taking medication for high blood pressure. Our combined premium was about $110.00/month. After one year, we decided to drop coverage and pay for my prescription out-of-pocket. We had been paying $4.00 for a 90 day supply. That jumped to $202.00 for a drug my wife, a retired nurse, described as a generic and as cheap as dirt. Fortunately, I had a free, discount drug card in my wallet, which I used to bring the drug price down to $42.00. I was happy to pay $42.00 rather than $202.00 even though $42.00 is ten times what I had been paying when I had insurance. I would much rather pay $42.00 every three months than the insurance premium of $110.00/month. Drug companies are ripping us off as are the health insurers.

Trump must go.