The drums of war

The drum beats you are hearing come from pundits on FOX and some members of Congress who are advocating military action against North Korea before it is too late. According to recent polling, many Americans support military action against North Korea. Have you and they considered the implications? If North Korea threatens to overrun South Korea, trapping large numbers of US troops, will Donald Trump resort to nuclear weapons to avoid losing? Will North Korea retaliate by attacking US bases outside Korea? Will China and possibly Russia come to the assistance of North Korea if the US starts winning? There are many imponderables, but the first Korean War set some precedents that give some guidance as to how a second Korean War may evolve.

It is possible and perhaps likely that Trump will use a foreign military adventure to rally support and distract attention from Robert Mueller’s investigation as it exposes information that Trump wants to keep secret. There may or may not have been collusion with Russia before the 2016 election. Since Trump will not disclose his tax returns, I think that it is likely that Trump, wittingly or not, was laundering Russian dirty money. US banks would not lend to him after his bankruptcies and he needed money from someone to maintain his lavish lifestyle. Now he has US taxpayers footing some of his bills.

Trump must go.