Mighty might

According to military expert Sean Hannity, any war with North Korea will be over quickly due to the mighty might of the US military. BS. A war with North Korea is a war we cannot win without causing a larger war. North Korea could be labelled a mighty mite as opposed to the mighty might of the US. Eventually US air power will prevail, but in the meantime the army of North Korea will be in South Korea chewing up the country. We can shock and awe North Korea and we can bomb North Korean troops in South Korea when we can find them. Korea is laced with caves suitable for concealment and the weather often prevents aircraft from flying, witness Trump’s cancelled trip to the DMZ because of weather. We do not have enough troops in South Korea to invade North Korea as some are advocating. Any buildup will telegraph our intentions and probably trigger a pre-emptive attack by the North. Some consider Korea the worst terrain in the world for a war (please note mural on wall behind Trump).

Trump must go