American Gulag part 2

American Gulag, Inside U. S. Immigration Prisons by Mark Dow published in 2004. This book reads like a chapter right out of Franz Kafka’s The Trial. It may seem logical to those outside the detention centers, to those who administer the system, but it does not seem logical to the detainees, those who are trapped within the system. To make it a fairer system to the detainees, I suggest that lawmakers and administrators be required to experience what the detainees experience for a day or a week. I think that the experience would increase empathy for the detained and lead to improvements in the system.

When I worked in the healthcare field, I suggested that caregivers should be required to experience the hospital as our patients did so that the patient experience might be improved. As an x-ray tech, I sampled the various barium concoctions that we fed patients so that I could accurately describe them to patients.