JFK assassination

Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK. He was framed, the patsy he claimed to be before Jack Ruby silenced him forever. We will probably never know who pulled the trigger that killed Kennedy. There were at least two shooters. We will never know who ordered the killing, although it was almost certainly a member of the deep state, a high member of the military-industrial complex. We can be relatively certain about why Kennedy was killed, he was not bellicose enough with Cuba, the Soviet Union and Vietnam. The deep state profits from our almost constant wars. For a brief introduction to the truth about the JFK assassination, I suggest Oliver Stone’s JFK. It is the truth so far as I can determine.

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  1. Walthe310, some people claim that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy. Some people believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was guilty. I am not a conspiracy buff, however, I am willing to discuss the topic of conspiracy theories pertaining to the assassination of John F. Kennedy with people who are of like minds or people who believe the official narrative.

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