Eating bison/buffalo meat is good for you and good for the environment. Bison meat has less fat and requires careful cooking so that it is not overcooked and thereby made tough. It is good for the environment because bison hooves aerate the soil and bison movement spreads their body waste while cattle tend to trample the earth and concentrate body waste. Bison is more expensive than beef because the demand is not there yet and excess product is being stored awaiting increased demand.

Our favorite local grocery has recently expanded their line of bison products. I recently purchased four medium sausages at $10 or $2.50 per sausage. Two sausages made a meal for one person. I grilled the sausages in the casings and they were a bit tough. Then I asked my wife to cook the remaining two in a sauce pan after removing the casings and they were delicious. The best burger I have ever eaten was on a bison burger plate with fries at a restaurant in Zion National Park and priced at $13.

Bison are wild animals and their meat does not contain the added chemicals found in beef. Bison meat is denser than beef and thus it is more filling allowing the  consumption of smaller portions. I order some of my bison from They have been a reliable supplier so far.