Natural and unnatural disasters

Natural disasters come from God or Mother Nature and unnatural disasters are man-made. Katrina, the war in Afghanistan, and the Great Recession of the GW Bush presidency could have been prevented or been greatly less damaging if the correct actions were taken beforehand. Barack Obama had four years to correct the deficiencies of the FEMA he inherited from Bush before Sandy struck the US in 2012. Now in 2017, the US is reeling from the 1, 2 punches of Harvey and Irma. Let us hope that Trump has not had sufficient time to undo the effectiveness of Obama’s FEMA. If FEMA functions effectively, I am sure that Trump will take credit. If it does not, he will blame Obama.

After Katrina, Mike Pence was still in Congress and he had a hand in setting policies that led to the slow recovery of New Orleans from Katrina. Please keep Pence as far away as possible from the recovery efforts from Harvey and Irma. Someone once said that wars are God’s way of teaching geography to Americans. Natural disasters like hurricanes are Mother Nature’s way of teaching Americans about climate change. Let us hope and pray that we are capable of learning.