Roots of jihad

Yemen, Dancing on the Heads of Snakes by Victoria Clark published in 2010.

“By 1994 a devout Zaydi politician was publicly lamenting its deplorable effects on Yemen: ‘Wahhabism is a child of [Saudi] imperialism and its spearhead in our country. Both are one and the same thing. How do we stand up to an enemy we don’t see? We are seeing imperialism in our country in its Islamic guise. In reality, we are fighting something which is more dangerous than imperialism.’ He was right. The spread of Wahhabism to Yemen would not matter so much if not for the fact–put very simply–global jihadism of the al-Qaeda kind is Saudi Wahhabism reinforced and made more intolerant by Salafism and finally rationalised into violence by fury at the West’s unjust handling of the Palestine question and disgust at the hypocritical manner in which the Kingdom’s Wahhabi religious establishment has tolerated the impious excesses of the royal family and the trampling of Islam’s Holy Places by infidel army boots since the first Gulf War.”

“If  Yemen is fast breeding jihadists, it is not because radical Islam has a special appeal for Yemenis, or because violence and intolerance are in their blood, but in large part because jihadist groups can afford to pay adherents who have no other means of earning a living.”