2 guiding priciples

I have two guiding principles which make decision making easier.

  1. I want to protect my son.
  2. I want to protect our democracy.

I use one or both principles whenever I must decide to support or oppose an idea. For example, I have concluded that no one, my son included, is safe from random violence until every human being is safe. Living in a gated community with bodyguards to ensure safety is equivalent to voluntarily living in prison. You are safe until you step out into the real world. Who wants to live like that?

Our democracy, any democracy, requires a vibrant middle class. Our middle class is disappearing. Vast discrepancies in material well-being are destructive to the democratic process. That is why I support spreading the wealth around, via a universal basic income or Social Security for All. It was Justice Louis Brandeis of the US Supreme Court who said that we must choose between democracy and great concentrations of wealth. I choose democracy.