World’s best military?

On a weekly basis, our leaders claim that the US military is the world’s best. If that is so, why is our won-loss record not better? If a team has a losing record, the coach is replaced. Either our civilian leadership or our generals or both don’t know what they are doing. We are fighting the wrong wars at the wrong time using the wrong methods.


4 thoughts on “World’s best military?

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    Well if you don’t like the military please go ahead join up because I have friends in there and my own family and the military is trying to keep peace in Iraq and overseas but why complain about it join the cause it’s thing’s like this that brings down our country one piece at a time and I wasn’t gonna reblog this but the military is a fine line where I draw the limit because the military stays away from their families don’t get to come home much and not only their keeping freedom free for you and everyone else

    • Up front my precondition prevents recruiters accepting me, joining the military does not alter where expansionist politicians in Congress or President determines to base or otherwise deploy them, and these days it’s predominantly career officers who are promoted to Command posts capable of influencing military technological advancement presently focused on establishing aerial supremacy, shock and awe, and utilizing unconventional warfare focus such as asymmetric warfare.

      Search the War College war-game scenarios.

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