Foxconn in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is offering $3 billion in incentives for Foxconn to create 3,000 jobs in Wisconsin. That works out to $1 million per job for jobs that pay about $50,000/year. Why not just skip Foxconn and pay 3,000 people $50,000/year for 20 years?


2 thoughts on “Foxconn in Wisconsin

  1. I used to live in an area that one of the region’s Mayors were attempting to entice a German parent Corporation’s subsidiary from moving that I forget the exact Dollar amount, but the Dollar amount included some very generous tax cuts in the Mayor’s attempt to entice them from moving. After the subsidiary declined, the entire issue snowballed into filling the revenue loss with new levies (local taxes) under the threat of reduced services and benefits if the levy failed passage along with several renewal levies.

    The main incentives in the Dollar amount were reduced payroll taxes (related to income taxes, which increased Labor Participation neutralizes the revenue loss), for around 5 years, and they offered reduction in property taxes for the next 75 years.

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