Capitalism in a nutshell

Farm Sanctuary, Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food by Gene Baur published in 2008. This is how capitalism works in the US.

“The history of industrial development–whatever the industry–tends to follow a pattern. At the birth of a particular industry, competition between early entrants in the market encourages innovation. A few enterprises move ahead of the pack, often by joining with or buying out their competitors and thereby dominating the marketplace. These corporations then consolidate their power and work to stifle competition–say, by controlling prices–as much as they legally can. At the same time, they lobby to prevent or slow government regulation that limits their profitability, while advancing legislation beneficial to their bottom line. Industry leaders curry favor and influence lawmakers, directly or indirectly, through personal gifts, campaign contributions, promises of seats on company boards after they’ve left office or threats to move jobs outside legislators’ districts. The more they ingratiate themselves with politicians, the more preferential treatment they get.”