I. M. Stu Pido

I. M. Stu Pido is the pen name used by anonymous writer(s) attacking anyone in the media brave enough to attack Donald Trump. There are about a dozen books with provocative titles offered by Amazon and published by CreateSpace Publishing. The author(s) are employed by CREAM PAC.*  I have not read any of the books because I am not willing to waste my time and money on what are obviously right-wing smears.

*Citizens Revealing Ethicless & Apathetic Media (PAC) is a political organization formed for the purpose of addressing the social, civic, legal, political and constitutional consequences of the media that provides for the citizens of the United States. Our focus is to evaluate reporting that we feel is ethicless and apathetic. Five general initiatives are utilized to accomplish this goal: 1) Identification, 2) Reporting, 3) Education, 4) Issue Advocacy and 5) Representation.