The Greatest Hoax

The Greatest Hoax, How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future by James Inhofe published in 2012. Inhofe represents the fossil fuel industry of his home state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma does not have climate; it has summer and winter and little else.

We are living near the end of a period of good weather; in earth’s history this is about as good as it gets. Sometime soon, the good weather will end and the climate will become unstable. Longterm, we will enter a period of glaciation with walls of ice advancing from the poles and ocean levels dropping. Before that happens, there will be global warming with the icecaps melting and oceans rising. Civilization along the oceans will have to move to higher ground, one or more times. It will be difficult to raise enough food to feed everyone and tropical diseases will conquer new territories. That will last for thousands of years before the next age of glaciation. It is inevitable that the climate will change because the earth has gone through several cycles of heat and cold in the past. The coming changes are  unique in that they will be the first changes influenced by the actions of humans.