It will take a statesman

To solve the problem of North Korean nukes will take a statesman, and Donald Trump is a bully and an ignorant bully to boot. Millions of lives are potentially at stake and that is why repealing and replacing Trump is so urgent. We should replace him with Hillary Clinton, the actual winner of the popular vote in November. For her Secretary of State, I suggest Barack Obama. The people most at risk in a Korean conflict are the people of South Korea, followed by North Korea, then China, then the US and possibly Japan.

The Korean peninsula was divided arbitrarily after WW2 by the US to stop the spread of communism. Communism is no longer a threat and both the North and South desire to reunite the Korean people. North Korea has stated repeatedly that it will give up nuclear weapons if the US and Japan will guarantee its existence. My suggestion is that the US do so and promise to withdraw all personnel from South Korea in say 5 years to give South Korea time to upgrade its armed forces if it feels it necessary. Then the two Koreas will be free to settle their differences (hopefully by peaceful negotiation).

The first Korean War was a hard, brutal war that saw atrocities committed by both sides. It seesawed up and down the Korean peninsula until it ended in a stalemate near where it began. The South was aided by the US and UN while the North was aided by China and the Soviet Union. Millions died. US air power was used to destroy most of North Korea, but that was not sufficient to win the war. Several leaders in the US wanted to use nuclear weapons but President Truman wisely said no. Some in the Trump administration and others outside it think that Korea is a grave threat that must be dealt with now and with force. They are wrong and risk the death of millions, more if China and Russia become involved as well.