Dear Leader

Dear Leader, My Escape from North Korea by Jang Jin-Sung published in 2014. The first third of the book describes life in North Korea. It reads like part of Orwell’s 1984, but life in North Korea is much, much worse. The remainder of the book alternates between recent events in North Korea and the author’s dash for freedom northward into China until he reached freedom at the South Korean embassy in Beijing.

Communist North Korea presents a false face to the world; nothing is as it seems. The real ruler of the country is the communist party, not Kim Jong-un. North Korea has been threatened by the US and Japan for most of its existence. The North Koreans devote much of their limited resources to the military to counter Western threats. If we offered North Korea guarantees of continued existence, it is possible that North Korea would be willing to give up its quest for nuclear armed missiles. On the other hand, a cornered North Korea is likely to lash out at any enemy within reach.