Venezuela part 2

Venezuela by Terri Willis. Venezuela is the country at the top right-hand side of South America. It is about twice the size of California, has about as many people as North Korea and is afloat on a sea of oil. In fact, it has more oil than either Russia or Saudi Arabia. Currently the country is in a state of economic turmoil, in part because of US economic sanctions. Some goods, like toilet paper, are in short supply. In the past, the CIA has tried to foment regime change, and I suspect that the CIA is again involved in the latest turmoil. I have no proof yet, but I am looking into it.

Rather than allowing ExxonMobil to aid Russia in developing its oil or fighting to protect oil suppliers in the Middle East, I think that we should mend our relations with Venezuela and help its people return to prosperity. It would be cheaper in the long run to obtain oil imports from nearby and peaceful Venezuela than from faraway strife torn areas of the globe. Let the Russians and the Middle East look to their interests while US stays clear.

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