Korean War 2

If Donald Trump is allowed to set foreign policy, Korean War 2 will lead to WW3. Where is Congress in this mess? The GOP must start putting country ahead of party or there will be no country left for them to destroy.


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  1. “Where is Congress in this mess?”

    Congress has been sleepwalking by past precedent to disaster for a while now. Historically, shifting global balance of power leads to a major war (World War), and old school measurements of economic policies aren’t good. They seem resigned if not eager for war and rationing by their actions thus far.

    “… Korean War 2 will lead to WW3.”

    Considering, NSC head is in Islamabad, Pakistan taking a hard line approach with Pakistan’s government that in the aftermath of the Bin Laden raid China rendered regime change calls impossible declaring such an action an attack on China itself; World War III just got more likely under the basis:
    Eastern Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea are Russian and Chinese red lines under the basis of perceived buffer zones, and the only buffer zone not under direct threat right now is Iran.

    ‘Easier to beg forgiveness than get permission’ doesn’t and shouldn’t fly in my view…

    • You’re right. Next up for the boys of war will be Iran and that will close the Straits of Hormuz, shut off much of the world’s oil and cause a depression (Great Recession 2).

      • Great Depression or by some analysts Greatest Depression is very likely.

        Iran can block the Strait of Hormuz, China via Sudan and Djibouti naval forces block the Horn of Africa via Red Sea lane, and Europe is dependent on Libyan oil exports and Russia gas-oil exports that Russia can completely block access of.

      • It’s certainly a complicated world, and there’s no easy solutions each one holds benefits and risks attached to them. It’s made even harder as not being privy to enough information tends to lead to bad policy decisions.

        Are you familiar with game theory where one conducts a movement or maneuver often aggressive to illicit an anticipated response?

      • Unimaginable. When similar crisis occurred years ago, a Korean student studying in the Philippines frantically informed his parents in SK he was going home. His parents told him to stay put because they were the ones to go to the Philippines . There is now a huge Korean community in the Philippines. All the condos being built all over Manila ( the capital ) are sold out and buyers are almost all Koreans.

        NK has no other modern infrastructure outside Pyogyang, not much food to go around…… the population will not last….. unless millions of them escape to China which is separated from NK by a shallow river,

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