Reveal and replace

The Republicans are not going to be able to repeal and replace Obamacare. However, I think that it is likely that as the real Donald Trump is revealed, he will be replaced. And the sooner, the better.


7 thoughts on “Reveal and replace

  1. I don’t know if Donald Trump will be replaced and it’s not only Trump’s fault because each president that is or has been office brings lies tremendous downfalls to this country and then people only sees what they want to see not what could possibly save a country that has beaten beyond repairs thanks to past presidents like Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush and so on and it’s on every site now day’s how everyone is bashing Trump for this and that can’t people give him a chance to mess up like all the past presidents?

    And I don’t hardly make comments on this site!!

      • Well President Obama said he was going to bring new jobs to North Carolina and South Carolina which he hasn’t brought nothing but a race war there and then Bill Clinton lied about Monica Lewinsky and yes Trump may lie but so does everyone else on the face of the planet we can’t blame one man for past presidents f-ups when he has to run a country and could you run it better and this is why I don’t make comments on here because you never know what person you are running into these day’s and there’s many of people who trusts Trump but me I don’t have no opinion on Trump because I don’t put people in office that is only filled corruption including past presidents to and I don’t know about nuclear codes but people needs to put on their big panties and suck it up because like it or not TRUMP is our president until he no longer is

      • I don’t know if he lies all the time I guess most people misunderstands him and lots of people will always disagree on Trump why complain because life is to short to spend complaining about this or that and Trump has done what he said he was gonna do for the US military troops and he is trying to protect this country from terrorists attacks so he has won lots of people because he has done more for our troops than one has in a long time and I think I end this because me being sick with a rare brain disease I really don’t have time to complain about bs in this world when I am fighting for my own life at the moment so have a great day now you hear!!!

        Yes we all lie and most more than others!!

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