2 state solution

A two state solution may be the only way for Israelis and Palestinians to live near each other, if not together. A similar solution may be desirable here in Utah where Democrats are underrepresented in state and national government, due in part to gerrymandering. Salt Lake City is Democratic while the rest of the state is very Republican. My suggestion is to make Salt Lake City the capital of the new state of Salt Lake, with one Representative and two Senators. Utah would continue with two Senators and three Representatives, down from the current four. Utah would have access to Mormon holy sites in Salt Lake City, but would be forced to move the state’s political capital to another city.


2 thoughts on “2 state solution

  1. There is another option which I champion. Though I live in Madison, WI I use Iowa as my example. Since 1981 Iowa’s congressional and state legislative maps have been drawn by nonpartisan legislative staffers without considering voter registration numbers or the location of incumbents. Their main considerations are keeping districts compact and uniform in population. And this effort has been met with bi-partisan applause. Both the Iowa House and Senate overwhelmingly approve the maps. The outcomes over the decades proves a healthy competitiveness between the two parties can exist on a level playing field.

    • Thanks for your comments. I favor compact and competitive districts. Competitive not possible here but compact is. When Utah got a fourth Representative, the legislature redrew the district lines to split Salt Lake into 3-4 pieces. My representative lives more than 200 miles away in northern Salt Lake City. I consider it ridiculous.

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