THE problem

Donald Trump is a problem, a problem that should go away soon when he stops serving the purposes of the GOP as a useful idiot. He cannot be impeached until the GOP agree, but he may decide to resign if his tenure in the White House becomes too stressful.

THE problem is the Republican Party. Since the Clinton era, Newt Gingrich steered the GOP opposition into a policy of obstruction, with lying as a major tactic. The GOP did nothing to rein in GW Bush and spent the Obama years perfecting obstruction. With the exception of Jeb Bush and John Kasich, the GOP offered the voters a choice among a slate of loons. The voters chose Trump and Trump chose to fill his government with many of the loons that he competed against in the GOP primaries.

THE problem is the GOP.  It is almost as if the GOP are a group of terrorists who have taken over the government. They know how terrorize, but not how to govern. They must be removed and then reformed or replaced.