Infrastructure part 2

“We’ve had an eight-year war on infrastructure by the Obama administration,” said Mr. Norquist. “They tried to stop and did stop pipelines, coal production, gold exploration, mining of natural gas and fracking.”

That’s infrastructure? Maybe for the rich, but not for the average citizen like you and me. During the eight years of the Obama administration, the GOP blocked all attempts to fund infrastructure spending because it would have required raising taxes. The GOP did not care that infrastructure spending would have created millions of good paying jobs that would have lasted far longer than a few jobs building the Keystone pipeline.

Infrastructure spending the GOP way with mixed public and private funding will create toll roads and toll bridges that the public fund and then must pay tolls to use. Tolls are regressive taxes that are a bigger burden for the poor than for the wealthy.


2 thoughts on “Infrastructure part 2

  1. Yes. They didn’t like money for roads, bridges, sewers, and rail. That’s infrastructure. If it weren’t for the fact that there would be others on the bridges, I would like to see some of the Republican Reps and Senators fall into rivers when they collapse.

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